Fatigued Podcast

Our Cohosts had Covid and now they’re collecting genuine perspectives on the pandemic. From patients to paramedics, from long-haulers to lessons learned, it’s the same virus but very different stories. Hosts Raymond McAnally and Caroline Amos engage through humor and empathy with guests to humanize pandemic issues surrounding Covid-19. The hope is that these stories can help us make more informed decisions today, and be better prepared in the future. Links below to listen on this website or wherever you get your podcasts.

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S3:E7 Cleared for Reentry? Summer Travel 2021

July 20, 2021

This week, the Fatigued Pod Squad (as we like to call ourselves) decided to get together and catch …

S3:E6 Sam Cadman | Directing in Disaster Times

July 13, 2021

Sam Cadman is here to offer a different perspective, not only from across the pond but also as a di…

S3:E5 Chase Brantley | Covid is No Clown

July 6, 2021

Chase Brantley is a jack of all trades and master at all: comedian, director, writer, business owne…

S3:E4 Ben Jeffrey | "Broadway's Back, Baby!"

June 29, 2021

Ben Jeffrey's eyes lit up the second he told us about Lion King's reopening on Broadway. (September…

Covid Pandemic Antibodies Filming Working In The Pandemic Arts And Entertainment

S3:E3 Pat McCorkle | Casting, Self-Tapes Post-Covid

June 21, 2021

Our guest today is the incomparable Pat McCorkle, head and founder of McCorkle Casting and a Covid …

Pandemic Helper Pivoter Filming Working In The Pandemic Arts And Entertainment

S3:E2 Jeffrey Omura | NYC City Council - The Arts Hero We Need

June 15, 2021

Jeffrey Omura is an artist, activist, and labor leader running for City Council in District 6 of Ne…