Dec. 17, 2020

S1E6: Zach & Stu - College Housing & Quarantine

Disclaimer: there is mention of a very specific sex toy in this episode. (insert laughing emoji here)

Our second episode of College Week focuses on Zach and Stu who are in charge of resident life at a university in Indianapolis. When the pandemic hit during last spring break, these two (along with their team) were singlehandedly responsible for reuniting the students with all of their belongings. Thanks to their hard work this year, the freshmen have been able to move in safely and keep the number of cases to a minimum. Though, it hasn't been easy: how do you foster community when isolation is the only option? What kind of effect will this have on college freshmen - will they miss out meeting the best friends of their lives or do they get lucky having a dorm suite to themselves? 

Give us a listen, stay positive, and test negative!