In all seriousness--this has been amazing. Informative, personable, FUNNY. So glad you all addressed the need/plan for a hiatus. Looking forward to your return!

It’s real

REAL talk from REAL people about a REAL situation. Thanks for the info Ray and Caroline and guests.

Important & Witty

Caroline & Raymond are providing us with stories that desperately need to be remembered. This podcast brings light & humor to coronavirus, and also provides room for reflection in how us as the listeners are currently living our lives in a pandemic. I love to hear the perspectives from each host as well as the different guests they’ve interviewed. Keep it up, such a good listen!

Powerful conversations with lots of golden nuggets

While we still know so little about this deadly virus, all we can count on are the experiences of our friends who have battled it firsthand. That’s why these conversations are so important and so meaningful. These raw, open and honest reflections are sobering for those of us whose lives and loved ones haven’t yet been touched by the virus... who view this community grief through a more distant lens. Sometimes it’s one individual story that snaps everything into perspective. That’s what this podcast does. With poignant disclosures of loneliness in isolation, colorful accounts of strange new symptoms, enlightening realizations about the pandemic as it affects everyone differently and resolute epiphanies after life-altering illness—you’ll find yourself storing lots of nuggets of wisdom along the way. It goes so much deeper than a discussion about symptoms. Caroline and Raymond bring ease to emotional subjects and flow to deep conversation. They’ll remind you that you’re not alone, that you’re stronger than you think, that you’re more accountable than you think and that, even though the future is uncertain, our actions and efforts still matter.

Episode 4

Really enjoying these podcasts. Interesting to listen to everyone’s unique experiences. The casual conversational style makes it easy listening. Episode 4 with “Dr. Jen” stirred some mixed feelings within me when she stated she chose not to inform her patients she had the virus. She gave her rationale, and also said she had to abide by her hospital administration, if I understood that correctly. Personally, I would have liked to have known. Give me the choice how, or if, I want to follow up. Don’t make that for me.

Timely and Essential!

Not only are Caroline and Raymond terrific podcasters with a great dynamic, but WOW this podcast is a must-listen for everyone right now as covid continues in our world. I love listening because it’s informative and personal. It does not use fear tactics, but does not treat this crisis with apathy or carelessness. Just two people, sharing their experiences, and trying to bring information and light on a tough topic. Definitely listen. And wear your mask!

Important Conversations

Excellent podcast! The casual tone of these conversations/interviews help the listener to engage with the stories on a deeper level. Anecdotes about the pandemic are sorely needed when the popular narrative is all about the statistics.

Insightful and funny

Really well produced and the hosts are extremely engaging. Feels like sitting in on a conversation with interesting people talking about the personal side of what so many people have gone through this year. Can’t wait for more.