Feb. 9, 2021

S1E14: Erik - "A Deployed Doctor Comes Home to Covid"

This week we got to interview Dr. Erik, an anesthesiologist who was deployed in the Middle East when the pandemic broke out last March. His deployment had already come to a close but he was detained for a few more weeks before he was allowed to come back to the States. He's grateful to be reunited with his family again and we spoke and mused about many different topics like healthcare accessibility, Covid bubbles, and the reliability of masks. Because of his medical background, he went into detail about how doctors go through "fit tests" to discover which masks work the best with their face - a protocol we didn't know previously existed! It left us reevaluating the efficacy of the masks we're currently wearing and wondering what we can do to create a tighter seal to prevent this pesky virus from sneaking-up on us again.