June 1, 2021

S2:E14 Dana | Oncology Nurse, We Laugh to Survive

We’re closing out Mental Health Awareness Month with Dana, an introverted oncology nurse & parent - all this to say, she’s got many reasons to be fatigued. In a time where we’re more isolated than ever, Dana has experienced the opposite: she goes to work and is surrounded by people, she comes home and she’s surrounded by people (her husband and three adorable children we might add). With all of these humans around, there’s no opportunity for her to recharge her batteries. However exhausted she may be, she tells us a funny story about attending virtual therapy and gives great book recommendations. We love that she didn’t hold back and sugarcoat her experience, such an easy thing to do during the age of social media. 

We would like to note that this episode was recorded a month ago.  Since recording, Dana had a loss in her family, her mother-in-law.  The family member she speaks of in the episode is her grandmother-in-law and she is still with us.  Given the nature and topics of our discussion, we wanted to give our condolences and honor the passing of her family member. Our love to the whole family.