March 11, 2021

S2:E2 Marilyn | Parosmia II: Tasting Metal, But Testing Negative

Compared to Brooke's episode on Tuesday, this episode is a great example of "same virus, different stories." In the second episode of our Parosmia Series, we talk to Marilyn who had some of the weirdest and worst symptoms of Covid... yet never received a positive test. Not one. Without a positive test can she still claim to have had Covid? How else can she explain the acrid metal taste she felt in her mouth every time she consumed onions? Or the heaviness in her chest when she tried to breathe? We talk about how unsettling it is to be betrayed by your body and Raymond shares why it's important to get a second opinion if you don't feel heard by your doctor.

On another note, Caroline tries her hand at parody songs about the pandemic and they are not great.

For more help with Parosmia check out the links of the organizations below:

AbScent is a UK registered charity supporting people who are experiencing the distressing effects of smell loss. AbScent offers information, support and practical advice for people living with smell disorders. (On March 15th we are releasing an episode with Chrissi Kelly, the founder of AbScent, who will share more about her research and studies into smell disorders.)

The Smell and Taste Association of North America (STANA) advocates for funding for research on smell and taste disorders and collaborates with individuals living with these chemosensory disorders, healthcare professionals, and institutions to provide evidence-based education, resources, and networking opportunities.

The Monell Center for Advancing Discovery in Taste & Smell - their mission is to improve health and well-being by advancing the scientific understanding of taste, smell, and related senses.