April 27, 2021

S2:E9 Raymond & Caroline | Vax'd n' Wax'd

Surprise: we’re our own guests this week! Both of us share our vaccine stories and experiences. At this point Raymond has received both doses and Caroline has gotten her first. (Hashtag Team Pfizer.) Unrelated but after staying home for a year with unlimited access to your toilet, has anyone else noticed their bladder’s capacity significantly decrease? We discuss that at length lol. We also talk about why we like our podcast and what we’ve learned from it, and we want to hear from you! What do you like about us? What do you want us to cover? How is your own personal pandemic story unfolding? Follow us @fatiguedpodcast on socials and feel free to email us with feedback: fatiguedpodcast@gmail.com. Also head to our website www.fatiguedpodcast.com to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear about upcoming episodes! Thanks for listening!