March 23, 2021

S2:E4 Anissa | Parosmia IV: "Am I Stuck Like This?"

In our fourth episode, we talk with Anissa - the self-described "cook of the family" who can barely bring herself to eat anything besides peanut m&ms. She spoke to us about how parosmia disconnects her from the rest of the world: she can't eat enough to keep up her fitness regimen, celebratory & holiday meals once full of connection and memory are uncomfortable, and she is left with the question "am I stuck like this?" 

In spite of her frustration, she has found a wonderful outlet: photography. "It's kind of replaced all of the energy I would put towards like working out and, and whatnot." Her work is beautiful, so go check it out on Instagram @anissalatifphotography! Happy listening!