Jan. 26, 2021

S1E12: Maria - "An American Hospitalized in London"

Last March Maria spent nineteen days in the hospital with COVID-induced double pneumonia. Can you even imagine? From the CPAP machine to rash and bed rest, she experienced the full gamut. We are so lucky she lived to tell the tale, no matter how gruesome it may be. We're even luckier she was so sunny and sweet at 6 in the morning when we captured this conversation...oh wait, it was six OUR time, 2 in the afternoon her time. Ohhh, no wonder she was in a much better mood than us! She also didn't need to pay a dime for her hospital stay which might also be why she's so chipper and upbeat... c'mon USA, revamp our healthcare system already!

Maria Ryan is an American ex-pat living in London. She is a registered Dramatherapist and is looking into offering free online Dramatherapy sessions for Covid survivors. For more information contact us at fatiguedpodcast@gmail.com and we'll put you in touch!