March 2, 2021

S1E17: Ray & Caroline Wrap Season One

Caroline and Raymond (and an awkward little-sounding voice) say goodbye to Season One.  Our cohosts give updates on their personal Covid stories, tell us about what's coming up in Season Two (launching March 9th, 2021), and why this shift has them excited and not fatigued.

In just 3 months, we've built out a one-stop-shop website and social media pages and Fatigued Podcast has reached thousands of listeners across every podcast platform playable.  We would not be continuing without the supportive messages we receive from listeners like you.  We've said from the beginning that we'd do this until "we get fatigued by it" and, thanks to your support, we ain't there yet!

We continue to hope and hear that these episodes are making a difference now and you can listen to hear how we see them helping in the future as well.  Thank you!